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Composite Marine Bearings

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D-GLIDE® MARINE – Maintenance-free composite material, based on synthetic fibres, resin and selflubricated additives.
Delivery forms:
D-GLIDE® MARINE Bearings are delivered as finished bearings in all possible shapes and dimensions as well in sheet or tubes up Ø 20 mm to Ø 1000 mm, in length with 250 / 350 / 700 mm for final machining by the customer.
Material based on request / order. Short delivery time.
Compressiv strength : 267 MPa
Normal operating pressure : 75 MPa
PV factor ( Nmm2 x m/s): water = 3,4  dry = 0,25
Low friction rate : 0,04 to 0,10
Working temperature : - 200ºC to + 130ºC
Water absorbtion: max.: 0,15%
Excellent resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion
Elastic, absorb chock, impact and misalignment
Elastic, absorb chock, impact and misalignment
D-GLIDE® with PTFE is a electrical isulator
It contains no toxic or environmentally hazardous
D-GLIDE®, is an effective alternative to metallic materials

D-GLIDE® Marine bearings for propeller shaft used water lubrification, rudders, stabilisers, submersible ROV´S, winches, deck equipments, fishing equipments, pumps, etc

Through cooling (solid CO2 or liquid nitrogen), press fit, or epoxy glue (Araldite) or mechanical lock with stainless or brass screws on the front between housing and bearing.
The propeller shaft that operates horizontally, the groove of the bearing in the 6 o´clock position is omitted to ensure a hydrodynamic water lubrication.
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